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10 Black Owned Businesses To Shop For Father's Day

With Father's Day just around the corner, we wanted to be sure to look out for dads. Enough with the clip on ties and funky socks, it's time to step up your game. Get it started with our list of 10 Black Owned Businesses To Support For Father's Day.

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FlameKeepers Hat Club

Flame Keepers Hat Club is an upscale, black owned store offering an array of sophisticated hats for men, in many styles.

Leisure Life NYC

Leisure Life NYC is a menswear shop specializing in leather goods, bags and accessories. Co-Owner: Charnier Corey

Tally & Twine


A place with a dark past now has a bright future; Talley & Twine represents that future. It's not about how you

start, it's about how you finish.

The Dapper Black Box

The Dapper Black Box is a subscription box providing dapper accessories and personal care products for today's gentlemen.

Dr. Goat Beard & Facial

All products in Dr. Goat Collections are 100% natural, handcrafted, and helps restore the natural balance.


From end-to-end, the Bevel Shave System is packed with natural ingredients to help you fight razor bumps and irritation. Sunflower, Castor, Olive Oils soothe and soften, Aloe Vera moisturizes, Tea Tree Oil calms and Lactic and Salicylic Acids help even skin tone and exfoliate.

Solo Noir For Men

Solo Noir is an 100% All Natural grooming line that addresses ingrown hairs, acne, and skin imperfections.


We manufacture high-quality air fresheners that really work. We’ve gained an outstanding reputation for our incredible fragrances and strong long lasting aromas. They’re perfect for your vehicle, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, lockers, and much more!

Tonya's Cookies

Tonya's Cookies are generations in the making and can be found in more than a dozen Whole Foods locations. Tonya's Cookies make perfect gifts for any occasion, be it for family or coworkers.

First Step Brew Box

First Sip Brew Box is a monthly subscription or one time gift box for the ultimate craft beer enthusiast. You’ll bring your favorite craft beers to the table and we’ll outfit you with everything else.


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